Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, we woke up Hollyn around 6:30, so she would be tired enough to take an early nap before all of our other stops.  I guess she wasn't finished sleeping because she was in BAD MOOD!  She was not excited to see her presents and we tried to get her to open a couple, but she threw them back at us and said NO!  We decided taking a break would be best.  She slept in her daddy's arms for a little while until she was ready.

Here's the tree and gifts! 

We set up the camcorder and recorded her opening gifts, but I forgot to take pictures! :(

Hollyn got a Learning Tower so she can stand tall and help Mommy in the kitchen! We made scrambled eggs, sausage & biscuits for breakfast!

We played with our toys for a while after breakfast, then Hollyn went down for a nap!

Looking all pretty on Christmas!

Our first stop was Lee & Jimmy's house!  Lee had a TON of "Santa gifts" for Hollyn!!!  She kept opening and opening and loved them all!

Picture with Lee & Jim!

Then we got to my parents' house around noon!  We ate lunch, then exchanged gifts.  We were all piled in the living room like a typical Sunday!

 We put toys together, took naps, played outside for the rest of the afternoon.

That night, we went over to Jeff & Lisa's house.  Courtney, Justin, Chris's Aunt Leanne & Uncle Bill were there, along with Cousin Matt, Lace & Gabe.

Here's Hollyn & Gabe while we were all eating dinner.

Hollyn LOVED playing the piano!

The kids opened gifts, then the adults did a white elephant exchange.

Hollyn was ready to go around 6:00, and pulled us to the door.   She fell asleep on the way home, and slept all night, until 8:30 the next morning!

I took pictures of all her toys that night, so we could remember what she got for her 2nd Christmas!!

Here are gifts from Lee & Jim:

Mommy, Daddy & Santa:

From Jeff, Lisa, Courtney & Justin:

My family:

We are definitely blessed and are so lucky to have such amazing family & friends!!

One more Christmas celebration left!  Baba Nora, Papa Nick & Aunt Meghan are flying in Tuesday 27th-the 1st!!!