Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011: Friday 23rd

We started our Christmas festivities on Friday (23rd) night!  We had Chris's dad, stepmom, sister & her fiance' over to our house!  We catered in yummy Abuelos for dinner, then did our gift exchange! 

Hollyn sat in her new chair (that we had bought for her birthday, but she found it, so we went ahead & let her have it) to open her gifts!  Here's the first one! 

A doctor teddy bear from Courtney & Justin!
 A Baby Alive from Jeff & Lisa

She was "helping" Grandpa Jeff open his gift while he opened her baby.

Helping Mommy open one of her gifts.

THEN, Hollyn got her big gift... A Cottage Playhouse!!

She was so excited and ran out so fast to go grab ALL of her toys to put them in her house.

Then she pulled in Mommy to play!

Hollyn with Justin & Courtney.  (They're getting married next June!)

Hollyn was getting tired, and put her bear in her sleeping bag with her!