Friday, December 16, 2011

21 Month Hollyn Update

I've been so busy lately!!  I've just had time to post pictures each month of Hollyn, but haven't given any details about her!  Lately, she seems like she has grown up so much!  In less than 3 months, she will already be TWO! 
  • She is around 23 lbs (15th percentile)
  • 33 inches tall (53rd percentile)
  • Size 4 diaper
  • Size 5 shoe
  • Wearing 12-18 or 18-24 month clothes, but can still wear some 6-12.
  • She has 12 teeth, and is working on getting her two top eye teeth in.
  • Doesn't she look so old here?
  • She is the best sleeper right now!   Her MDO teacher says she is always the first to to go sleep, sleeps the hardest, and is usually the longest sleeper.  At night, she likes to go bed at 8:00, and sometimes earlier.  She likes to have her passy clipped to her PJs, then put in her crib. (no rocking) She immediately turns over on her side, wants covered up and closes her eyes!  She might cry once during the night, but usually goes back to sleep and will sometimes sleep until 9 if I let her.  It's usually around 7:30 or 8 when she wakes up!  She takes at least a 2 hour nap everyday, sometimes longer.
  • She still isn't the best eater, but is now trying new foods.  She LOVES ketchup!!  She likes to dip just about anything in ketchup, and lick it off numerous times before eating it.  New things she likes to eat: frozen blueberries, hotdogs, chips & salsa (and doesn't mind it being hot), Pig Sooie rolls from Shogun, marshmallows.  As always: chickfila, spinach dip, fruit snacks, cheese sticks, pickles, goldfish, all fruit, pizza, raisins, and brocolli.
  • She can repeat most of her ABCs and 123s and will sometimes go ahead and say the next letter and number! 
  • Is saying new words everyday and is repeating most of the things we say to her!   She flips through the animal flashcards on her iPhone and repeats after the lady!  "Walrus" "Armadillo!!"
  • She will open up a book and act like she is reading.  She will put her finger on every word and say the random words she does know!!!  "Eyes dada cow ball mama nose nana..."
  • She is really into Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc right now.  Still loves playing mommy, peekaboo, loves climbing.  She's often found on top sitting on top of the coffee table.  
  • She is such a girly girl.  She likes to carry her purse everywhere.  She will bring a bow to me to put in her hair.  I cut her finger nails the other day, and then she immediately went into my bathroom cabinet and got my fingernail polish out so I could paint her nails.  She sits perfectly still on my lap while I paint her nails & will hold them up, so I can blow on them!!
  • She likes to sit in my lap every morning while I do my makeup & hair.  (Good thing Santa is bringing her her very own PBK vanity this year!!)
  • SHOES.  Still a lover of shoes.  Likes to pick out the ones she wants to wear, and wears our shoes!
  • Going through a naked phase right now. Constantly tries to take off her clothes.  She's also trying to learn to dress herself and will ask to take her shirt off, so she can spend forever trying to get it back on by herself.  She tried to use the potty by herself the other day (not successful), then decided she did not want her diaper back on!!
  • She's a lot better about shopping now.  Will ride in the cart sometimes, but if not, she will walk beside us and hold our hands. 
  • Likes to help Mommy cook!!!  She gets to put the salt & pepper in her scrambled eggs every morning and helps mommy stir the eggs! 
  • She doesn't really understand that she's going to be a big sister, but will say baby and swing her arms back and forth when we talk about "him."
  • Can fully operate her iPad and iPhone.  She loves listening to music (and will put the phone up to her baby dolls' ear, so she can listen too) and watching movies on her iPad.  She has episodes of Cat & the Hat Knows a lot about that, SpongeBob and Sesame Street, but prefers Cat & the Hat.  Still loves the Talking Cat & Dog Apps.    
  • Likes to do a lot of stuff her way and on her own!  She definitely throws tantrums from time to time!! 
Here are some art projects she's done at MDO lately:

  • start potty training before she becomes a big sister.  Only one in diapers would be SO nice!
  • say more words and tell Mommy & Daddy what she wants instead of trying to pull us around the house to show us what she wants! 
  • be a better sharer