Monday, November 7, 2011

We've been BUSY!

I want to apologize for it being almost FOUR weeks since my last post!  We have been a little busy...

Since my last post:
October 12th: we closed on our new house.  We let the previous owners rent the house for a week, so they were able to fix up their new house, before moving out.  So, we had to wait an entire week to celebrate!!!
October 13, 2011
Playing on Grandpa Jeff's drums
October 14th: Aunt Diana turned 50! Got my iPhone 4S!  Hollyn stayed the night with Granny, so we could play in the JB Hunt golf tournament the next morning with Tresa & Jon at Stonebridge.

Tresa & Jon   
October 16th - Chris & Hollyn's first War Eagle Craft fair experience!  Hollyn didn't want to ride in the stroller... not a big surprise!

We spent the week packing up our house!  
I caught Hollyn on her iphone on the step ladder!!!

October 18th: I cooked our last meal (lasagna) in our Woodview house! 

We weren't suppose to take possession of the house until the 19th at 5:00, but our realtor called and said they were done early, so on the 18th at like 8PM, we were able to go visit OUR house for the first time!!

19th: Hollyn went to MDO and my friends' mom & I spent the entire day cleaning our new house!  Chris & I slowly started moving things over and unpacking everytime we made a trip over.

 My friend Meagan had her sweet baby girl! Ashley & I went to meet Hayley Alyssa for the first time!!

20th:  We got all new carpet installed in the house, painted the master bedroom, bathroom & closet... along with touchup in the entire house.
Slowly getting my kitchen unpacked! 
 The cable was already moved over, so we hung out at the new house to watch Grey's Anatomy before going home to sleep!

22nd: We took a break and watched the Razorback game at Monica & Joe's house!!  Yay for a W!

 Hollyn stayed the night with her cousins for the first time, so Chris & I could get some packing/moving done.

23rd: More packing....

Baba (My mother in law) came into town from Florida later that afternoon.

Monday, October 24th:  The Big Moving Day!  We had 2 Men & a Truck move all of our furniture!!  After a very long, tiring day, we were able to spend the night in our new house that night!
Hollyn squeezed in my car during one of moves that morning!
25th week: unpacking......
Taking a break to cuddle! 
28th: Our first play date at our new house!!  Paige & Niki came over!!
The girls looking out the window at the neighbors' pumpkins!
29th: Razorback game at our house!

Then Chris, Hollyn & I started feeling sick...  We had 3 Halloween parties that night... and ended up staying home and going to bed early. :(

30th: All very sick, including Nora, so we stayed home all day...
31st:  We closed on our Creekwood house.

Hollyn's 2nd Halloween!  We took her to the pediatrician and found out that she had a virus, along with a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum.

Only good picture we got of her on Halloween.  She was a glitter bird! 

We stayed home & handed out candy

Picture with  her grandparents (minus Papa)

Uncle Travis came over and scared us!
1st:  Hollyn is 20 months!

Baba flew back to Florida.   It was Grandpa Jeff's birthday, so we took him out to eat at Crabby's.

We all were still sick... I got a huge fever blister on my lip.

2nd:  We skipped MDO, because she wasn't all the way better.  Being silly that morning...

but, still not all the way better.
3rd: Mommy was very sick this day.  Went to the doctor and dentist - having very, very bad pain all through face, ear, jaw, teeth and neck.

4th: Daddy took Hollyn to MDO and picked her up, so Mommy could get rest.  Hollyn stayed the night with Granny & Pawpaw, so we could finish getting better.

5th:  We gave away our tickets to the game, and stayed home to watch it in our theater room.
Cousin Hayley stayed the night and was a big help with Hollyn!
They had fun playing around while we watched the game!

Hollyn got new red sparkle Toms, and was the happiest little girl I've ever seen!!  

Hope that catches you back up with the Chandlers!  Sorry if we've been out of touch the past few weeks! We've just been busy!  So much going on!! ; )

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