Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree was shipped to us today!!  It came in 5 very large boxes!  

Chris was in charge of ordering the tree, so of course he went above & beyond!  It's a Balsam Hill tree (C said it's what Oprah & Ellen have, so it's gotta be good) that is 15 feet tall and 88 inches around at the base! 

Hollyn helping her daddy unpack the branches!

Branches laid out A-K.  K had to go on the bottom, A on the top!!

K successfully put on!

Chris loves him some Christmas :)

Loving our view for now, until we possibly put the cover on.  Still debating on continuing to heat or cover for the winter?

He had to get a 12' ladder to reach to the very top!

Climbing to the top to put on A!

It's on!

Our tree is complete!

And I even did some fluffing! :)

Hollyn wanted to wear the fluffing gloves like Mommy & Daddy!

Here she is!!  Isn't she beautiful?

The outside view!

A friend of a few friends, Marcus, is decorating our tree this year, and is going to try to get to us at the beginning of next week!  I cannot wait to see it all decorated!  I'll keep you all updated!

Did you notice our new header?  Just wanted to share our kinda unofficial news.  Our doctor's appointment is next Wednesday to hear the heartbeat. (thoughts & prayers, please!)  It's been killing me not being able to share our exciting news with everyone!  I'll do an official announcement next week... but wanted to tell my sweet blog readers first!! :)