Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My 27th Birthday Weekend

We started celebrating my birthday on Friday night!  Marguerite watched Hollyn and Walker for us, while Monica, Joe, Chris & I went to dinner at River Grille in Bentonville!  It was Chris & I's first time, and it was fancy & fabulous!

Then we went back to our house and ate some of my yummy Rick's cake that Joe & Monica got for me!
My new camera lens I got from Lee!!!
We went to Hunter's basketball game!  Hollyn stayed at Granny's house, along with Hunter, Hayley and her friend Cristin while we went to the football game.  Hollyn loooves the big girls!

Arkansas vs. Tennesee Game!   
We had a fun time tailgating, even though it was SUPER windy!  Katie & Brant watched the game with us!  It was a very entertaining game that ended with a Razorback WIN!  Chris & I left around the 3rd quarter to go pick up Hollyn from my parents, so she could be home with us Sunday morning on my birthday.   
Sunday November 13th!  My Birthday:
Hollyn ended up crying most of the night and kept us up because she is getting a couple of teeth in.  :(   I woke up not feeling well, so we just stayed home and Chris went & picked up Mimi's for breakfast!
We hung around the house and I took a nap, trying to feel better.  We then got ready and then went out to my parent's house early because Hollyn was still being cranky!  Mom said we could leave her there while we went shopping at Masons!
  I had a missed call from our Christmas tree decorator saying he was finishing up a house, and would be at ours in an hour!!!  We knew he was going to try to get to us Sunday or Monday, but never set an actual time.  We were on our way back to my parents' house.  My mom was getting ready to make dinner and my entire family was coming over to celebrate my birthday!  I had to call all of them and ask if we could move the location to our house because our tree was going to be decorated.  Mom brought all the the food over and made lasagna at our house.   We had a fun night with the fam, yummy food, while we watched our tree turn into a masterpiece!!! 

Rick's cake Chris got for me!!  

Happy Birthday to me!
Hollyn enjoyed the cake
And even shared with Uncle Travis 
Hollyn & Mommy on my birthday!