Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Pregnant!

As soon as Hollyn was born, I was ready to have another child ASAP!  But my OB doctor shot that idea down and suggested that we wait at least a year, since I had a c-section.  We spent Hollyn's first year enjoying our alone time with just her.  Each month after that, we thought... Hollyn's kind of a handful right now,  just one more month!  Once Hollyn was 18 months in September, we felt like we were ready to start trying.   Many of our friends had told us that it took them longer to get pregnant with their second child, so we weren't expecting it to happen right away this time.  On September 26th, It was a few days early, but I thought I'd go ahead and take a pregnancy test just to see.  I had prepared myself for a negative... and thought it would be no big deal if it was positive.  I was in complete shock when it actually said PREGNANT.  It was later in the afternoon on a Monday, so it was just me and Hollyn at home!  I started crying and couldn't stop hugging Hollyn!  She had no idea why Mommy was acting so strange, but gave me lots of hugs back!!

I'm going to be a big sister!!
A few minutes later, I got the routine "on my way home" text from Chris!!!  I wanted to tell him in a creative way, but only had about 15 minutes!!  I scrambled to find the "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt and the "I'm a big sister" book, that we had bought a few weeks before, just in case!!  I put the shirt on Hollyn, and gave her the book.  I was trying to set the video camera up on the tripod when he walked in the house!!  I didn't have enough time to turn it on, but he was able to see the shirt and book!!    
 We set up the tripod and self timer on my camera and took these pictures right away, so we could tell our families!!  

 I tried to call my mom first, but she didn't answer, so we figured we would just show up at my parents' house and surprise them!!   They were outside and Hollyn ran up to them with her shirt on!!  

Next we stopped by Aunt Courtney's house!!
Hollyn insisted on having Aunt C read her new book to her!

Then we stopped by Aunt Tresa & Uncle Jon's house last!  During the night, we sent the picture to Chris's family and called them and told them to check their email, then sent a text out with pictures to the rest of our close friends and family the next few days.  

Our due date is June 6th, 2012.... 3 days after our 6th anniversary!  I'll most likely have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks... so Baby #2 will be here at the end of May, or beginning of June!  
Hollyn and the new baby will be 27 months apart! 

This pregnancy has already been a lot different than my easy first one with Hollyn.  I was very sick in the beginning, with morning sickness lasting all day for about 3 weeks.  I was prescribed Zofran at my first doctor's appointment, which helped a lot.  The all day morning sickness stopped shortly after that, now with just occasional spells.  I have had a lot more cramping than before, major headaches the last few days, and I am definitely showing a lot faster than with Hollyn!!  

So.... we signed the contract to buy the house before I knew I was pregnant!!!  So, of course it made everything a lot harder!  Getting the house cleaned up for showings, walk throughs, etc. was not easy with morning sickness, and taking care of Hollyn!  I was, and I still am extremely tired... so the entire packing, moving, and unpacking thing was hard!  I wasn't allowed to lift anything over 20 pounds, so Chris and my mother-in-law (that was in town for a week) had to take up my slack!!! (Love you guys!!)  I guess it's better to be in the house now, rather than like we did with Hollyn and moved into our new house when she was 3 months old!  It will be nice to be able to actually do the baby's nursery in the house we are going to stay in for a  while!!!

We had our second doctor's appointment (1st time to see an OB) yesterday, November 16th with Dr. Seale.  We were able to hear our baby's heartbeat!  Greatest sound in the WORLD!  I wanted to wait to share our news with everyone until after we heard that sweet sound!  Dr. Seale asked me what I hoped we were having, and I told her it WAS a boy... that I knew 100% that Hollyn was a girl, and I thought this one was a boy.  She said that freaked her out!   Baby #2's heartbeat was 167bpm, which is very high.... and Hollyn's was always really high, in the 160's.  So I can't say I'm 100% sure anymore about this one being a boy!!  I guess that's the fun part... (NOT) waiting to find out!  It should be mid January when we get our first ultrasound!  

We are incredibly thankful to not only have Hollyn, but now a second child!  It breaks my heart to see couples that aren't able to conceive and babies that are sick.  Every time I hear of stuff like that happening, I am reminded of how blessed we are.  

Oh, and I know it's early, but we already ordered the baby's furniture!!  Restoration Hardware was having a friends & family sale, so we went ahead and ordered it last weekend!
And we ordered the Marielle Armoire a little later...

Check back for more baby updates in the next 6.5 months.  I might even post a belly picture or two! : )