Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Auburn Game

Chris's brother, John came in town from Washington DC to spend the weekend with us!  He flew in very late Thursday night, and stayed through Sunday.  Saturday, all four of us tailgated, then went to the Arkansas vs. Auburn game!  It was Hollyn's first game of the season.  We took a few pictures at home before we left.  Here is Hollyn & Uncle John!

Daddy, Hollyn and Mommy!!

Hollyn and Mommy!

Giving Mommy some love!

We went early to hang out with our friends' Joe & Monica, at their friends' tailgate, below Barnhill, in a great location!  Walker was so excited that Hollyn finally came to a game, so they could play! :)  Here they are on the iPad!

Kim was there, and was spoiling Hollyn!  Of course she loved all the attention, food and lip gloss! :)

 Hollyn got to hang out with her pals Aston & Kaden! :)

 We lover Monica :)

Tifanie and her sister Melia also stopped by!  Group shot!

We left to walk to our gate around 5:30.  Here is Hollyn giving me her cute new face as we were waiting to get our tickets checked!

We got to our seats in indoor club, and Hollyn had to give Uncle John a hug!

Mommy, Hollyn & John!

Then one with Daddy!

She loved when the band started to play and clapped along with everyone else!!

She stood up the entire time and danced around!

A nice lady in front of us had an extra bag of popcorn, and gave it to Hollyn!  She loved sitting in Daddy's lap and eating popcorn for the first time!

Lately, she has to make sure everyone else eats too! Feeding Daddy! ;)

Then Daddy got Nachos.... she loved dipping her chips in the cheese and licking it off!

We couldn't get her away from the Dr. Pepper.   Her face was in the cup for a good 20 minutes!

Family Picture!

Mommy and Hollyn walked around for a little while, and went up to the box and said hello to the Morters.  She was getting tired though, and was rubbing her eyes.  We ended up leaving before halftime, so we could make it home to watch the second half on TV.