Thursday, September 1, 2011

We are Moving

I'm sure if you've driven by our house lately and seen the For Sale sign in our yard, you're wondering what's going on!!!  You probably know we bought a lot in Pinnacle in January, have been working with an architect, and almost have our plans finalized to start building next year....

Hollyn standing on our lot, the day we closed!
Lately, we have been thinking about:
  • the amount of time it would take to build a house 
  • the price per square foot a house would take to build  (probably more than what we can buy for now)
  • how young Hollyn is and how much time this would take from her
  • we would like to have another baby soon 
  • how much we have going on with our businesses (currently building a new office building for Chandler Equipment, launching Moxy Ox, buying the "Hugg & Hall" property next door, it's renovation, etc.)
  • the stress of building a house.  Our builder said he's had 3 clients get a divorce and one try to commit suicide while/after building their houses  (we don't want any part of that)
  • how/when we were going to sell our current house.  
  • AND everytime we go to look at our lot, we drive by this amazing house for sale, just two lots down on the corner of our street.  
  • is the house that we have been designing with our architect as good as this house...
I can remember the first time we saw this house.  Chris & I drove by really slow, our mouths dropped as we looked at every detail of the back (huge windows and awesome infinity pool) and as we turned the corner, we couldn't believe the beautiful architecture, king size brick, amazing 360 landscaping, and THE front door (one of my favorite parts).  I think we pulled over right then on Buckingham and looked up the listing up on our iPhones!  I think Chris even figured the monthly payment on a mortgage calculator!  We agreed that we didn't need that much square feet at the time, but that didn't stop us from wanting it!!   Every time we have driven by this house in the past couple years, I have drooled over it!!

So, last Wednesday, Chris called me from work and asked if I would be interested in going to look at that house.  I said, sure, why not?  I was thinking it would be good to at least know what the house two doors down looked like inside, and possibly get some ideas.  Then, I pulled Portfolio Luxury Real Estate's listing up online and looked at pictures of the inside for the first time!  I had no idea that I would like it so much!!  I was getting ready to call Chris, when he called me!!!  He said, what do you think about just buying this house if we like it?  I was getting ready to ask him the same thing!!!  I told him to make us an appointment ASAP to view it!!  We went Thursday at 2:00 and Brandy Pool showed it to us.  We totally fell in love!  We made another appointment to go back Friday night at 6:00 to look again.  We loved it even more the 2nd time, and told the real estate agent, Ginger Campbell, that we would be making an offer on Monday!!  Monday, we made an offer.  Tuesday, we got a counter, and we countered back.  Tuesday night, we got a verbal counter, so we made one last best and final counter.   7:30 Wednesday morning, we got the call saying they had accepted!!!   We signed the contract Wednesday afternoon.   Closing is set for October 24th!  

I know I should be a lot more excited than I am.  It's just so bittersweet.  I already live in a house that I love (that we completely designed ourselves), in the best neighborhood, with the best friends I could ever imagine... and lots of them!!  If I could pick up my house, and my neighbors, and move them behind the gates, on the golf course, and in Bentonville school district, I totally would!!!!

I knew that we would be moving before Hollyn started Kindergarten, into a house we could stay in for many years.  I just thought I'd have a little more time to prepare myself.

It's not like we were out looking for houses.  This is the ONLY one we looked at!
Here is the front...
and my favorite... the back!