Friday, September 23, 2011


We have had the best experience with Portfolio Luxury Real Estate!!  They had the house listed that we bought.  We enjoyed working with them so much, that we had them list our house!  Such fun, professional ladies that really know what they are doing!! 

Here's our timeline:
Friday September 9th: We signed the contract for them to list it
Saturday, September 10th: Sign in our yard
Monday, September 12th: First showing 1:00
Tuesday, September 13th: 1st offer/counter offer 
Wednesday, September 14th: Professional Pictures for the MLS
Thurs, September 15th: 6:30 - 1st people came & looked again & made another offer (price still wasn't good enough, and we didn't like the contingency)
Friday, September 16th:  MLS went up online... got our first showing from the MLS 6-7:00PM
Monday, September 19th: Showing 11:30-12:30
Wednesday, September 21th: Showing 10-12:00, fliers in our yard
Thursday, September 22st: Showing 2-3:00

We got an offer before 5:00 last night from only the 5th couple to view our home!!  It was good enough to just accept!!  We rushed to Portfolio to sign the papers!  It is scheduled to close on October 31st!  

This is such a load off our minds!  It was a pretty big risk to go ahead and make an offer on our new house, knowing we still had to sell ours.  I never imagined it would sell this soon, and for the closing date to be so perfect!  It gives us two weeks to fix up the new house and move before we have to be out at the end of October!  This really couldn't have worked out better.  I feel now that it was really meant to be! 
Chris signing our contract! Woo Hoo
Also, since we bought a house, we no longer need our lot in Pinnacle.  We have it listed through Portfolio.  Here is their flier if you are interested:
(awesome aerial view of our house!)
We'd love for you to build and be our neighbors!!!

One more thing.......  Yay for 10,000 page views
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