Friday, September 16, 2011

MLS Listing!!

We finally have an MLS Listing for our house!!

Click HERE to view it on Portfolio's website (sorry if you're on your iPhone or iPad, it won't work).

Portfolio Luxury Real Estate had a photographer come to take some pictures of our house!  They turned out amazing and make our house look really great!!!  He was able to get some great angles of our rooms!

I really hope we find someone to love our house as much as we do!  As you might know, we already lived in a 3,000 square foot home in Creekwood for 3 years (first house we bought when I got my job after graduation).  Loved, loved our neighbors and really wanted to stay here.  We just wanted a bigger yard, preferably on a culdesac, bigger kitchen, bigger laundry room, one more bedroom, and bigger (& separate) closets!!!  We bought two lots and did a lot combo to build this house on.  Then, we went to a draftsman and drew up the house plan ourselves!  We had been in a lot of houses, looked at even more online, and feel we put together a really great layout!  Landmarc Custom Homes built our house, but Chris & I picked out every single detail ourselves!   We tried to find stuff that we liked, but also stuff that would be good for resale, since we knew we'd move again before Hollyn started Kindergarten.  We had no idea that it would be this early.  Not really sure if I'm ready to say good-bye yet......

Our listing just went up this afternoon, and we already had one showing tonight!!!