Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend of 1st Birthdays!

I guess all my friends decided to have their babies around the same time at the end of August last year! (Roman & Cate - 18th, Carsyn - 23rd, and Kiptin & Channing- 31st)  We had THREE first birthday parties this weekend!!  Hollyn loves being around other kids and had a blast at all 3!

1st party: Saturday 12:00PM for Cate... you can find her Mommy's blog here to read all about it!  Party was awesome, well decorated and so GIRLY!  Cate's uncle put together a very sweet slide show of pictures from her first year, and even wrote & sung the background song himself!  It about made me cry!  Here is her invitation that I designed/printed (front & back):

2nd party:  Saturday 5:00PM for Roman.  It was cowboy themed & so much fun! The house was packed with so many people that love Roman!!  I took some pictures while I was there and put together this little collage for Amanda & Brandon!
How amazing are his cakes?!?  Amanda's dad's wife made them!  The decorations were so cool, as you can see! Amanda made each kid a sheriff's badge with their name on it and had them waiting at the door!

Here are Roman's invitations that I designed/printed, using photos from his session with Holly Brooke Photography:

We dressed Hollyn like a little cowgirl!  We got her a pink shirt with a horse in a heart with rhinestones, skirt with horse shoes on the back pockets, pink cowboy boots, and a pink cowgirl hat (and Daddy matched her!!)

3rd party:  Sunday at 2:00PM - Elmo party for Carsyn!  They had the party in their front yard/garage and had an awesome blowup swimming pool and slip & slide set up for the kids!  Man, it was hot.  Here are a few pictures that I stole from Ashley! ; )

Hollyn had fun playing with Chanlyr's boy toys....  I think we're going to have to get her a mini 4-wheeler!

And a shout out to Nick for making another cake... all by himself! : )  He is thinking about quitting his job as a firefighter to do cakes full time...... Kidding!

Always a fun time with the Ardemagnis : )

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