Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Day of AMI Vacation

We woke up early, finished packing and cleaned up the house.  We left around 9:30am and headed towards Chickfila in Bradenton.   We then drove to the International Mall in Tampa, since it is right beside the airport, and did some shopping with the fam.
Getting ready to go over the Skyway
Hollyn & Baba watched Dr. Seuss on the way, and H ended up falling asleep.
 Baba & Papa decided it was time for Hollyn to build her first bear!!!

This is the one she wanted... no way! lol

She then picked out the peace sign cat.  We got her stuffed, put a heart in her, then washed her!  After much debate, we finally picked out the peace sign shirt with pink ruffle skirt and pink shoes!!  
Meet Macy!!!

We hung out in the food court & ate Great American Cookies, so they could soak in some Hollyn love before we had to go.

Papa getting some love.

When then had to go into the parking lot and say good-bye to Baba, Papa, Meghan & John.   See you guys on Skype/Facetime soon!!! 

We got to the airport around 2:00.  Flight was on time, there were NO lines, it was amazing!!  Once we got to our gate, we took turns pushing Hollyn around in her stroller, so she would fall asleep.

 Hollyn was a very well behaved girl on both flights!!

We got home on time & with our luggage around 9:30!

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