Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Earning her Keep

As I was washing Hollyn's dishes this morning after she ate breakfast,  she was whining and pulling at my legs.  So, I pulled up a chair and let her try it out herself! : )

Scrub a dub dub! 

She has really wanted to help us do everything lately!
She likes to:
  • help Mommy type on the computer
  • throw away her own diapers (which is awesome)
  • pretend she's vacuuming (but doesn't like the sound of it on)
  • wipe up her own spills:

  • Brings us a cup when she's thirsty (We haven't let her pour her own milk yet... that would be a disaster!)
  • shut doors behind us
  • "help" us fold laundry (which = throw all the clothes on the floor and put everything on her head!)

She's a pretty good kid!  I think we'll keep her for a few more years! ;)

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