Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 3 of AMI Vacation: Wednesday

We woke up Wednesday to see that it was still raining = not cool.   I was looking forward to getting a tan this week, very depressing!  We had planned to go to Plant City on Thursday, so some of our friends could meet Hollyn for the first time.  We then decided that we would go that day instead, because Thursday's forecast was sunny.  We had breakfast, and took our time getting ready.  Hollyn HAD to go outside and play in the water during a break in the rain!

 Painted on the back of our house:

We left around 1:00 and ate a hamburger at Duffy's.   Uncle John went back home to get some work done, and we took off for Plant City.

I guess I forgot to take pictures this day.   

We first went to Brandon to The Dancer's Closet.  Baba got Hollyn 2 new dance outfits for the dance class she is starting in two weeks!!!  We then picked up some chickfila for Hollyn, since she didn't eat much of her hamburger.  We then went to Judy's Dance Academy for H to meet Judy for the first time (Baba's best friend).   Next stop:  The Langstons!  We got to see their beautiful new home and Hollyn met Mel, Mike, Trevor, Maddie & Emma Grace for the first time!   Then Hollyn fell asleep in the car.
We then stopped by Aunt Meghan's new house!  She just got a full time job teaching 3rd grade, so she was able to move out!  Caroline was there & got to peek in the car!  Last stop: The Hogan's!  We got to see their amazing renovation of their Master bedroom and bathroom and visit with them for a while!  Hollyn loved their cats, Haley and Calvin!  

We had pizza from Oma's that night when we got home.  Then went to the beach. 
 The waves were huge, after storming all day!  John, Meghan, Chris & I were body surfing.... and as I was riding a huge wave,  it pulled me under, made me do a front flip, then it kept pushing me under water against the sea shells.   Salt water was going up my nose and I couldn't get up for air.   It was pretty traumatic!  I was in so much pain. My knees were all bruised and I had scratches all over me.  The worst was my back (below), it was covered in blood.   My hair was a complete mess and my bathing suit was filled with sand and shells.  We came back and got in the pool.  We went to bed early, since I wasn't feeling well. 

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