Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 of AMI Vacation

We got to the house on Anna Maria Island around 2:15am!  Baba & Papa were waiting on the porch for us, eager to see Hollyn!  We visited with them & John & Meghan for a while, before going to bed (an hour short of pulling an all nighter).  

She had a great view while she ate her scrambled eggs!  She couldn't wait to get outside and try out our pool!  She sat in Aunt Meg's lap while Mommy took a picture. 

It looked sunny & nice, so we got dressed and went to the beach.   Our house was only 3 houses down from the beach, but when we got there, it was windy and looked stormy!  She loved it!  We stayed for a few minutes before her, Baba & I ran back to get out of the rain! 

We went home and got in our pool for a while!

She was a tired girl later, and had a long nap in our bed!

Since it was going to rain all afternoon, we went shopping at the Ellenton Outlet Mall.  Hollyn got to ride a Cat and the Hat ride!

After shopping, we ate an early dinner at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar!  It had stopped raining by the time we got home, so we went down to the beach!   Here's Papa pulling Hollyn in the wagon!

She immediately started clapping when we got down there!

I got some amazing (and sweet) pictures of the sunset!

Here's my favorite:

There was a double rainbow!

Hollyn ran all over the beach while everyone played football.

Gorgeous sunset!

Then we went straight to Dips for some ice cream!  Chris wheeled the wagon right up on the porch of Dips!! 


Our house was on a short road of older homes, but ours was fully renovated with a new pool in the back yard.  It just got finished in July, so we were like the 4th people to stay there.  It was a short walk to the beach, and a short walk to get our nightly ice cream at Dips! 

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