Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 1 of AMI Vacation: Travel Disaster

We just got back from Hollyn's 1st trip to Florida and the beach!  I will try to blog about our entire week, but just wanted to start off with the story of our 1st travel day!  (You might have already read about this on my Facebook page)

We should have flown with Delta out of XNA at 7:14am Monday morning, 1 hour layover in Atlanta, to Tampa by 12:35pm, then just a little less than an hour drive to the beach house we were renting with Chris's family.  We figured we would be there by 2:00pm.  Little did we know, we wouldn't arrive for another 12 hours!!!  Chris has probably flown down to Florida 100 times in his life, and he said this definitely was the worst day of flying he's ever had!!

Here's our day:
4:00-5:15am  Wake up, shower, get ready, finish packing, get Hollyn ready
5:30am  Get to XNA
4 checked pieces of luggage (including car seat), 3 carry ons and one stroller.
keeping hollyn occupied.
7:14am  Our first flight should leave soon and we still hadn't boarded.  A lady makes an announcement that our plane needs maintenance and they aren't sure how long it's going to take.   People then start lining up at the counter to get new flights.  We wait for a while, then realize that since our layover was only an hour, and we had been waiting for over an hour since we should have left, that we would miss our connection.  She tries to get us to fly to Detroit at 10:40, then make it to Tampa at 6:00.  I thought that was out of our way, and I didn't want to have Hollyn on a flight for that long, so I ask if she has anything else.   There is an American flight that goes to Dallas that leaves at 1:10.  That sounded perfect.

8:15am  Got our new tickets, and had 5 hours to spare.  We left and Hollyn fell immediately asleep in the truck.  We picked up Chickfila, then hung out at home for a while.

tired girl in the truck
11:30am  We go back to XNA, only to find out that our flight to Dallas is CANCELED.  They have us rescheduled on a flight to Chicago that leaves at 1:55pm.  So now 2.5 more hours to wait......

Eating Cheetos and being cute while we waited!
1:55pm  Our plane is LATE coming in 2:25pm  Finally on the airplane, but it starts to rain.  Our pilot suggests that we wait to take off until the storm passes......
2:55pm  30 minutes later, we get up to the runway and they decide to reroute our flight into Chicago.  We don't have enough fuel to make it there.  We turn around and go back. After another 30 minutes, our pilot hasn't heard back HOW MUCH fuel we need. {JUST FILL IT UP!?}  We wait some more.... 

Chris was smart and called our travel agent, and had her book us the only flight out of Chicago to Tampa with United Airline that night, just in case we didn't make it!!
Why aren't we going, Mommy? 
4:00pm  We are finally in the air for the first time!
4:30pm  After a very stressful 2 hours on the plane, Hollyn is FINALLY napping!!

6:00pm  We landed in Chicago.  Our connection had already left.  We rush to see if we can get our luggage transferred to our new United flight.  Otherwise, American had us booked for the first flight the next morning!  Spending the night in the airport with a 17 month old = not my idea of fun.  
Rushing to our next gate
Getting very tired.
We grab some dinner, laugh at our silly girl
Baby on her head!!
7:20pm  Boarded our flight to Tampa!  We were thinking yay!..... but....... after an hour, we were still waiting 15 planes back in line to take off!  I'm not sure what time we finally got in the air.  

  • Hollyn falls asleep around 9 or 10.  
  • There is an hour time change in here.
  • I am beyond annoyed.

After midnight, we land in Tampa!
12:20am  Sleeping baby in TPA.
Wait for our luggage
Please be there!!
Get our rental car
Lots of luggage=Need an Escalade
Drive to Anna Maria Island

2:15am  Arrive at our Beach House!!
...3 airlines, 3 rescheduled flights, 2 cancelations, and 2 late flights.... and 1 day missed at the beach. : (

I definitely see flying private in our near future!!

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