Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Dance Class!

Hollyn started her dance classes at Cross Church this morning!   We got there early, so I could get her changed into her black leotard and pink tights (that all the girls have to wear).  They can wear any skirt, so she wore her pink leopard tutu.  The girls had fun running around and playing before the class started, while the Mommies & I took pictures of them!

Then, it was time for class to start.  We took the girls down the stairs into the dance class and had to leave them in there.  Hollyn was NOT HAPPY about this.   For about the first 10 minutes, I could hear Hollyn crying.  One of the teachers then brought her up to me.  She had tears all over her face. : (  Once I got her calmed down, we went back into the classroom.  I had to hold her hand during all the activities.  She warmed up quickly though and was a rock star!!  : )

Stamp time at the end of class!

Isn't this the sweetest?

This is my sweet friend, Niki and her daughter, Paige (that is 3 months older than Hollyn) that we met at The Little Gym!   We have missed them since TLG and are so glad that Niki let me know about this dance class!!  

Here is a video from class today:

 I can't say that I was totally upset that Hollyn had a hard time at first, because I was able to be in there and take some pictures!!!