Friday, July 29, 2011

Twice is Nice!!!

I recently started trying to see if Hollyn would go back to two naps a day, and it totally worked!!!   She wakes up every morning around 8:00.  It seems strange to send her back to bed two hours later at 10:00am, but she totally goes right to sleep without any fussing.   She had just got done eating breakfast at 10 this morning and I asked her if she wanted to go take a bath (which is her favorite).  She shook her head no, then grabbed her passy and blanket!  So off to the rocking chair we went!!!   She'll take another 2 hour nap around 3:00.  
Two naps a day is SO much better than one long one from 11-2ish.  I feel like I might finally have my life back!!!  Before, it seemed too early to get out of the house before her nap, and it depended on what time she woke up, so it was hard to plan anything after!  Now, as soon as she wakes up, we are ready to go!  We can have lunch/play dates again!! (Of course, when summer is almost over!)  But if anyone is interested... we are in! : )

Here is my sleeping beauty in the monitor! 

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