Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy Hollyn

We finally put together Hollyn's baby doll crib and care center that she got for Christmas!  We put them in the corner of our living room and she immediately started playing Mommy!  She would take her babies over there and take care of them, then carry them to us on the couch - one by one. Then back to the crib. She'd cover them up, then back to us!  We were able to watch an entire movie in the living room on Saturday while she played!  It was great!!!  

She gave one a bath and fed the other lunch.

Now time for a nap!

Of course, I knew this would happen....Climbing up on the crib!!

Both babies down for a nap!

Carrying the small one by it's leg!!

Trying to give her baby Alivia her passy! 

Then she put them all in the seat of our golf cart to take them for a ride!!!  


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