Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marker Time

I looked through the school supplies this morning at Walmart & found some super cheap crayons and markers for Hollyn.  I put a huge piece of paper on the table and put her in her booster and let her go!!!! She usually colors when we go out to dinner, but never with markers!  She loved drawing with markers for the first time!  She would scribble for a while, then ask for a different color!

Then I caught her putting them in her mouth.  The first time, it was red so you could barely see it.  Then it was GREEN!  NOOOOOO! 

"Look Mom!!!  I have the coolest green spot on my tongue!"

She's going to be right handed!  Look at that perfect grip! 
  I can't believe I bought anything other than Crayola, but these were washable and so much cheaper! 

Thumbs Up! 

Love this one of her hand! : )  Good thing I got the washable ones!

We practiced calling the hogs for a couple minutes yesterday, and were able to surprise Daddy with something new when he got home from work!!   She thinks its the funnest thing!!  As soon as you say "woo," her hands go straight up in the air!

I love this girl more than anything in the world! 

"Okay, Mom.... enough pictures of me drawing already...  Time for me to go get a haircut!"

Hollyn got her 2nd trim today at Pigtails & Crewcuts in Fayetteville.  I let her choose which car, and she walked straight to the airplane again to her get hair cut in!  She wasn't too happy about having to wear the cape, but calmed down very fast and was very good - until she wasn't.  I saw that she was trying to climb out of the airplane (had both legs over the side), so I held her for the last couple minutes of her haircut.  


 Then of course she had to try out the other two cars!!!

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