Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hollyn - 16 Months

Hollyn is now 16 months old!!
Things she's doing right now:
  • Grabs our hands and pulls us around the house to do what she wants!  (Often to get her a juice box... walks us to our mini fridge and points at them!)
  • She pulls her high chair out of the pantry and starts to climb up in it when she's hungry!
  • She's hungry A LOT!  She eats like 6 times a day!  (trying to catch up from when she lost 3 lbs. from not eating when she had her sinus infection)
  • Also thirsty!  This girl loves to have something to drink in her hand at all times!  I just started giving her chocolate milk in the mornings and she LOVES it!
  • She just started CLIMBING!  She's always standing on top of something!  She can get up on our bed and the couches by herself, and I caught her using the drawer pulls on her dresser as steps! 
  • We just started teaching her sign language, and she is using the "more" sign at the right times!
  • She says "All Done" when she's finished eating! 
  • She gives up thumbs up... but it looks more like a gun, like in this picture!  
  • Pawpaw taught her to shake her finger at you & say "no"
  • She is starting to say please & thank you!  
  • She is saying Momma/Mommy more often... but still constantly says Daddy/Dadda and every other version of it she can think of.
  • She is preferring Mommy over Daddy right now!!  Chris is always the one that puts her down for bed, but she's been screaming for me lately!!
  • She does her "Penguin" walk and spins when we ask her to! 
  • Loves to sweep the floors and likes to clean up her own spills!  I was taking my toe nail polish off with a cotton ball and she had to have one, so she could act like she was doing it too!
  • She loves to brush our hair!  She's usually waiting for me when I get out of the shower with my brush! : ) 
  • She thinks brushing her teeth is the coolest thing!! 
  • She is still obsessed with her Bright Baby First 100 Words book and Touch & Feel Flash Cards!  She can point at a lot of the things if you ask her where the ____ is!?  and points at them and asks "What's that?" -- probably her 1st sentence!! 
  • She also likes to look through our photo books everyday.  She brings them to me and we go through and say everyones' names!
  • SHE'S OBSESSED WITH SHOES!  Mine & Hers!  My closet is heaven to her!  She goes in there and pulls all of my shoes off the shelves and tries them on! Then often brings me a pair to try on!  She loves getting to help choose what pair of shoes to wear after she gets dressed! 
  • Once her shoes are on, she's ready to go out the door!  She usually has her sippy cup in one hand, and her diaper changing thing in the other, ready to go out to the garage!!!
  • She doesn't like to ride in her stroller or the cart when we go shopping. She likes to be a big girl and hold our hands - - but likes to stop to blow kisses and wave to strangers!  Most of the time it's really cute, but sometimes she's TROUBLE and likes to run away, or screams to get her way.
She got her 7th tooth on July 6th!  (3rd one on the bottom!)  When I picked her up from MDO, her teachers said she didn't hardly eat or drink anything all day.  I knew something had to be wrong & checked & saw a new tooth!! 

Pictures from July 1st!

Being silly when I was trying to get her 16 month picture!!

She loves playing golf!  Even sitting down!

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