Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

July 1st
Friday night, we had dinner at Marketplace in Springdale with Aunt Tresa, Uncle Jon, Hayley & Hunter!  It was Hollyn's 16 month birthday... so we had to celebrate, right?!?!

Hollyn enjoyed helping us eat a mini chocolate mess!

Then we went out to my parents house for a little while before going to a parking lot near Arvest Ballpark to watch the fireworks.  We sat in the back of the truck and watched the awesome fireworks!

July 2nd
Saturday morning, we had Chickfila for breakfast, then we went to Emma Street to watch the parade with the Reynolds'!  Hollyn sat on curb with her cousins and waved to everyone! 

It was SO hot!  Hollyn took over my gatorade in the truck to cool down! 

That night after our little rain storm, we went out to Marcye's parents' house for their fabulous annual get together!  

We got to hang out with the Frames!!

And the Palmers!  And a lot of other great people!!  

Hollyn was too busy checking out the cows to smile for Mommy!

 The guys played drank beverages & played some Baggo (of course).  

Hollyn LOVED the fireworks!!!  She immediately started clapping when the fireworks started going off!

July 3rd
We went out to my parents' house early, so Chris could start smoking our ribs!   Pawpaw and Hollyn found a bucket of water, and H had to go for a swim to cool down! 

and had to get some drinks out of the hose!! 

We hung out in the yard, played baggo.  The usual.

Hollyn loves her cousin, Hayley!

The fireworks were awesome!  Travis, Jon & Chris did such a good job!  Hollyn loved them, but took me into the house halfway through bc she was ready for bed! 

We got home around 10:30, put Hollyn & Chris to bed, then I went over to LJ & Joe's to hang out for a little while! 

Monday, July 4th
My parents came over that afternoon, so I had my mom snap some shots of us by our front door!  
{See the pretty wreathe I made!?}

Love Hollyn's sweet eyes looking up at her Daddy!

Monday night, our neighborhood had a get together at our park.  

Hollyn enjoyed sitting on her quilt and at her new table with her friends!

Hollyn enjoyed Miss Kim feeding her a cupcake!!

We got to meet sweet Miss Channing for the first time!  I enjoyed talking her her Mommy, Misti and with the Hitts!  

 We ate yummy food, and hung out with great friends!  Later, we had a firework show!  We all pitched in and bought some great fireworks.  We watched from our quilt for a while, but quickly jumped on our golf cart to watch them from a {safe} distance!!

Hope you all had a safe & wonderful Fourth of July!

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