Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A day in Hollyn's life: at home

(A day where we don't leave the house)  

8:15 I hear Hollyn on the monitor & go into her room to get her!  Diaper change, grab some milk on the way to my bedroom, where we cuddle, watch GMA and I check my email

9:00 I put Hollyn in her highchair for some fruit (blueberries, banana or lately she loves grapes) while I cook us scrambled eggs for breakfast.  She gets mad while I put hers in the fridge to cool down.  We eat, then I clean the kitchen, possibly start a load of laundry while H finishes up.

9:30 Bath time.  I sit in the floor & watch while she plays in the tub, often taking pictures & usually call or text Daddy.  Dry off, brush teeth, diaper & clothes!

She doesn't understand that if we are not going anywhere today, she doesn't have to put on shoes.  So this is her throwing a tantrum.
And of course she won!

10:00 Hollyn's choice... We play in the playroom, living room or where ever she wants!  It's often Hollyn sitting in my lap, while I point out pictures for her in her 100 first words book!  Then flip through flashcards many times!  

She wanted to ride her giraffe in her bedroom first!  Then we went to the playroom to read & look through flashcards!

She brings books to me one at a time, and turns around and sits in my lap to read to her!
11:00 play by herself so I can get some design work done... She screamed and pulled at me, so it was time for her nap! 

11:20 Down for nap very easily!  Now time for me to do the elliptical, then shower!

1:20 She woke up!   Two hour nap... not bad!  Yesterday it was 3 hours though! She always looks at me pulls out her passy and says "where's dadda?"  

1:30 Lunch Time! 

2:00  She helped me fold laundry. haha
She totally did this all by herself.  and Yes, those are C's boxers on her head!

We played for the rest of the afternoon. We usually have dance parties in the living room, read numerous books, play with her babies, go outside to check the mail,  exchange many hugs & kisses, etc. 

4:00 We straightened up all of her toys.  This is usually around the time when Daddy gets home.... but not today, since he has an interview after work. 

I let Hollyn be pretty independent throughout the day and make her own decisions.  I ask her what she wants to eat, hold it up and if she shakes her head, then I find something else!  When she needs me, she comes and grabs me by the hand and takes me to where she needs me.  If she wants a snack, she tries to get in her high chair!  If she wants a drink, she gets a cup out of the cabinet and brings it to me! 
Bringing Mommy a cup or THREE.
6:00 I made tacos for dinner... Hollyn ate, while I started this blog post!   Very unordinary night for us! C is usually home & we would go out for dinner, or go pick up dinner around this time - then go for a walk around the neighborhood or play outside. 
H eating her taco meat & cheese!
7:30 Bath (if she didn't get one that morning), milk, brush teeth, pj's then we rock her for a couple minutes before putting her down for bed around 8:00.

8:00 - Hollyn usually sleeps a full 12 hours.  We have the rest of the night to ourselves!  

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