Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another day in Hollyn's life: on the go

A day where we aren't home all day.... I MUCH prefer a day like this!!! : )

8:00 Hollyn cried while daddy was getting read for work, so he put her in bed with me!  I woke up to her smiling little face around 8:00.  We hung out in bed for a few minutes, while she drank milk
8:30 We went upstairs so I could do the elliptical.  Hollyn was a good girl and sat on the bed and watched TV!

9:00  I took a shower, and Hollyn played by herself in my bedroom!

9:30  Breakfast time!  She had blueberries while I cooked us scrambled eggs!
This girl loves her some scrambled eggs!
9:45 Hollyn had a bath, then got dressed - she was acting a little cranky, so I got her passy, blanket, and we started rocking in her chair and she fell asleep!
Bath time with her juice : )
My angel asleep in the crib.  (flash didn't even wake her up!)

10:15  An early nap was perfect b/c we had planned to go to lunch with Daddy today!  I got ready while she took her first nap and was able to do a load of laundry and pick up the house!

She was still tired after I woke her up from her nap.  This is her laying on the floor!
12:15  I had to wake her up from her nap!  I had to fix her hair,  put shoes on her & we ran out of the house!  We picked up C, went to Rockin' Chicken, then back to CEI and helped Daddy work for a while!
She loooooved the ketchup.  She would stick her french fries in there and suck off the ketchup, but not eat them!
2:15 We got home and played for an hour

3:15  She took her 2nd nap of the day! 

5:00 She woke up, Daddy was already home, she had a little pre-dinner snack

6:00 We went out to eat at Mary Maestri's
She ate all the chicken out of Daddy's chicken fettucine!
Family dance party in the car on the way home!

7:30 We got home, folded her clothes & played in her room, then got her ready for bed

8:00 Princess is asleep in her crib!

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