Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week of the Sick Baby

On Sunday, June 12th, We noticed Hollyn was feeling very hot and starting not to feel well. Here she is taking a nap on Daddy's chest at my parents' house.
We were able to take her temperature when we got home and it was around 102. No one got much sleep that night.

Monday morning, she wouldn't even eat her favorite breakfast, fruit & scrambled eggs. ...and wouldn't eat a thing for the next 3 days.

She was puny all day, and was okay with sitting on her couch in her playroom watching TV. (She never does this!)

So sick.... leaning on Mommy's shoulder

I think I gave her 4 baths that day, trying to keep her temperature down.

and she had lots of naps.

She wouldn't let me put her down all day, so I ended up carrying her around in the sling most of the afternoon.

I admit, I kind of enjoyed it. She wasn't cranky, just running a fever and very cuddly.

Late afternoon nap in Mommy's arms.

She started snoring VERY loud.

Hanging out with Dad when he got home from work.

Tuesday morning before we went to our doctor's appointment. She fell asleep sitting up on my bed.

Feeling bad at the dr.
She told us to just watch Hollyn's temperature, and if it stayed high, that she needed to come back in the morning for blood work. But she could have a virus, or something like Rosella (rash after a few days of fever).

Tuesday afternoon, her temperature got up to 104 (on forehead), but 103.3 under her arms and ears. After a bath and more tylenol, it went down. I went to Bunco Tuesday night and didn't get home until 12. Hollyn had been sleeping fine since around 7. About 2:30, Chris got up with her for about an hour, then I got up with her at 3:30 and she refused to let me put her down. I had to rock her until 6:30. C left late for work and Hollyn and I fell asleep in our bed.

At 8:00, I rolled over and felt Hollyn. She was BURNING UP! I took her temperature, and it was over 104!! I ran into the kitchen to grab the Tylenol and when I came back, she had thrown up all over herself and our bed. : ( I freaked out and ran to put her in the bath and called Chris to come home. I made Hollyn a cup a milk and as Chris was feeding her, she projectile vomited all over him! : ( We went to Willow Creek to get her blood drawn. She was not happy about it at all. The nurses couldn't find her veins, so they had a nice NICU nurse come do it.

Saddest thing I've ever seen.

The results were sent to our pediatrician's office within about an hour and they called to tell us that her white blood count was elevated, which proved she had some kind of infection and her body was trying to fight it off. It really upset me, because it brought back memories of the week she was born and one of the doctors coming in our room saying that we had to stay a few more days because her white blood count was elevated then too.

We had another appointment with our pediatrician that afternoon at 1:00. She prescribed Omicef and told us to give her a little Benadryl to help numb her throat because it was a little red. She said by looking at her, she would have guessed she only had a virus (high temp, followed by runny nose). BUT the blood work proved a bacterial infection.

Poor baby was very congested and couldn't breathe out of her mouth. (but refused to spit out her passy!)

My parents came over that night to see Hollyn and let us leave take a break! We rushed to Shogun to have some sushi! Pig Sooie Rolls = Amazing!

Whiney, cranky baby.

Sleeping beside Mommy on Thursday morning! She slept from 7:20 that night until 10am!

Chris had already planned to leave for Washington DC on Thursday morning, and since she slept all night, we thought we were in the clear....

She finally started eating a little bit on Thursday morning. She lost 2 pounds, since she didn't eat a thing since Sunday!

She had some fruit smiles, and I tricked her and put blueberries in there with them, so she ate, and ate! It was storming that morning and the thunder was so loud, she got scared & lunged off the bar at me. She has never held me so close!

She helped Mommy do her makeup!

Waving to Daddy on the computer.

Feeling a little better, so we went over to visit Uncle Jon, Aunt Tresa, Hayley & Hunter! Super Hollyn!!! She loved Hayley's cape! Should I be worried?

Sweet Hayley stayed the night with us, so she could help with Hollyn!

Loves Cousin Hayley! "Cheese"

{We had a really rough night.} Hollyn WOULD NOT sleep. and I was not a very happy Mommy. She was having trouble breathing out of her nose, and wanted to be held, so she could snore VERY loudly right next to my ear. Finally around 7:00 am, I was able to slip away from her and sleep on the couch for a couple hours.

Friday morning, eating scrambled eggs with cousin Hayley!

Brushing Hayley's wet hair!

We tried to go to Target, but Hollyn still wasn't feeling 100%. She was C-R-anky! That day she did a lot of screaming, hitting, kicking and BITING!

My mom stayed the night last night to help with Hollyn, so of course Hollyn did pretty good sleeping. She woke up at 2:30 and got in bed with Mommy, then Granny took her at 6:00. She is feeling much better today!!!

I really think she had a sinus infection. She had really dark rings under her eyes and her nose & face was very puffy. I think she is trying to get some molars in, so the movement caused her sinuses to open.

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