Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Saturday night, Hollyn & I made some Brownie/Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars to surprise Chris for his 2nd Father's Day!

She did all the mixing! I turned away for just a sec and looked back to see she snuck in a taste! She had brownie mix on her lips!!!

Now stirring the chocolate chip cookie mix to go on top!
I took the spoon away from her, but she found out how to get bites with the measuring spoon!! Smart girl. : )

She got SO upset when I had to put them in the oven!!

Checking on them in the oven!

Then, on to signing Daddy's Father's Day card!!

She loves to draw : )

Then, signing PawPaw's card!

Uh Oh!! Daddy is trying to FaceTime us!!! We have to hide his surprises!!!

Chris had been in Washington DC since Thursday, visiting his brother, John, along with his step-dad for a long golf weekend. They went to a place called Top Golf on Thursday night - check this place out, it sounds awesome!! They played two rounds of golf at the 1757 Golf Club on Friday, then went to the US Open on Saturday. His flight should have gotten in at 12:10 on Sunday, but it had a couple of delays, so it was after 3:00 when we finally got to see him! We had this set up for him when he got home!

We made these 'cupcake toppers' to go on the brownies!
It's true. He IS the world's best Dad! I couldn't ask for a better father for my daughter!

Hollyn was SO excited to see her Daddy! She ran down the hall for him and gave him a big hug!

She sat in the chair and watched him read his cards and open his gift (Razorback Tervis Tumblers with 'Chandler' on the back).

This girl loves her Daddy!
We then went and ate a late lunch at Shogun and had planned to get TCBY, but were too full! We then went to the pool and hung out with the neighbors! Chris got to play some baggo and drink some beverages with the other Dads! Hollyn was being cranky, so we had to take her home and order pizza for dinner. She went to bed at 7:30 and we only made it about an hour longer! We were both exhausted!

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