Monday, May 2, 2011

14 months old

Happy 14 Months to our little princess!  

20 lbs. 9 oz!
New things she's doing:
1.  Pats us on the back
2.  "Talks" all the time!
3.  Says Mmmm Mmm!
4.  She likes to put lids back on everything!  She knows the correct lids to put on her sippy cups.
5. Shakes her head "No"
6. Points to her nose, ears, etc.
7. Spins in circles
8. Walks backwards
9.  Recently became unafraid of the beam at The Little Gym!
10. Likes to help close doors!

Things Hollyn loves right now:
1. Her Babies
2. Her Vacuum

3. Her Golf Clubs

4. Shoes, Sunglasses, all things girly

Daddy surprised her today with her very own pink golf cart!!!  She was so excited!

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