Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning

Look what the Easter Bunny left Hollyn!

Basket from Jeff & Lisa.

Basket from Daddy & Mommy!  Gazillion Bubble Blower, Horton Hears a Who DVD, Madagascar DVD, Mercer Mayer book, Sunhat, Sandals, Flower purse

She ran over there when she saw them!

And of course, went straight for her new shoes!!!

 "Happy Easter Little Critter!"  I love Mercer Mayer!

Opening her gifts from Baba Nora & Papa.

Mmmm... Peeps!  Maybe she can try one of these today!

Sand Pail and Bubbles

Super cute bunny!  Love this Baba!  Where did you find it? 

...And the Bunny goes flying! 

Giving the chick a kiss!

Cute new two piece bathing suit!

Our little bunny! : )

She immediately had to put on her shoes!

Thank you for the awesome Easter gifts Baba & Papa!  We love the embroidered towel!!

Thank you Jeff & Lisa!

I'll update you tonight on the rest of our day! : ) Hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family!

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