Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter (continued)

We took some pictures before we went to visit family & friends.

We went to Chris's sister's house to see Aunt Courtney, soon to be Uncle Justin and Grandpa Jeff.  Courtney had a big Easter basket together for Hollyn!  She had a great time playing with everything in it!

We then stopped by Monica & Joe's house on the way to my parents' house & got some cute pictures of Hollyn and Walker!  She was talking to him, but he was too busy watching the basketball game!

We went over to my parent's house.  Mom cooked us a big fabulous Easter dinner!
Since we've had over 7 inches of rain in the last few days, we had to hunt eggs in the house.
She had a blast hunting eggs and playing with her cousins! 

We had one tired baby when we got home!
Can you say spoiled?!  This is what happens when you have three sets of grandparents AND Aunts!

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