Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm not going to lie; I'm guilty of taking over 100 pictures of Hollyn eating strawberries today.   It was just the cutest, and messiest, strawberriest thing ever. This kid is the most picky eater EVER.   When she eats anything well, Mommy likes it!  We went to Sam's Club this morning and a quart of HUGE red strawberries.  For lunch,  I striped her down to her diaper and put her in her high chair with one huge strawberry!  She thought it was pretty interesting at first, taking little bites out of it.  I ended up cutting it up and she ate the entire thing!  I was very impressed!

Then I gave her a couple more.... this is when it got messy!!!
Have you seen a bigger goofball?

Taking a bite out of the big one!

At some point, her hands got in her hair!!!

Finger licking GOOD!

Am I in trouble for making a mess?

I love this girl so much!

"Ohhh Mom! I'm stuffed!"

I got a wet wash cloth to wipe her off, but then quickly saw that wouldn't do it all!  Bath time it was!!

Other Hollyn Updates:

Yesterday at my parents, she had her first popsicle!!  Aunt Tresa let her pick out the flavor.  She chose orange, just as I would do!  Even though it was her first one, she knew exactly what to do!

She ate every last bite of it!  I'm sure it felt really good on her 4 top teeth that are coming in!

This morning, she made Daddy proud!  She went in her playroom, got her golf club bag, and put it in her car with her!

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