Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spontaneous (Mostly) Baby-Free Weekend!

Friday,  Hollyn actually went to Mother's Day Out!  Chris & I hit up Chick-fil-a for some breakfast (love their chicken breakfast burritos), then went to Pinnacle and played 9 holes of golf!  It started out pretty chilly, but I found an extra jacket in my golf bag, so with that on, it felt perfect out for me!  I played decent and had a really good time with Chris!  He gave me the option at 9 holes to continue playing (even though the wind had picked up) OR to go to shopping and to lunch!   Of course you know I picked option TWO!

We went home & changed our clothes, then went to the promenade and got some new shoes at Aldo,  went to Office Depot, browsing at Blakeman's, then had lunch at Marketplace Express!  We picked H up from MDO, then went to Walmart and bought a few board games!   We thought it would be nice to just have them at the house for when our family comes over.
So, we had my entire family over... ordered Guido's (Bariola's) then stayed up late playing games!  It was a blast!!  We played Trivia Pursuit,  then Scattergories!   It was fun because even Hayley & Hunter we able to play!  We split up into groups of two!  Hunter was actually pretty creative!!!

Saturday,  we had a meeting with one of our potential architects for our new house, so we had my mom come over and watch Hollyn upstairs, so we didn't get distracted.   We talked, then took him out to our property to take pictures......   ughh... meeting took 4 hours.
Hollyn on our lot a couple months ago
When we got done with our meeting, it was BEAUTIFUL outside!  My mom offered to take Hollyn home with her to play outside and told us to go do something!  So we loaded her up in Granny's truck and they took off!   (Sounds like she had a good time.... Hanging out with Pawpaw, picking flowers, working on Uncle Travis's truck, running all over the farm - watching chickens, cows,  swinging on the tire swing!)

Chris & I went to Crabby's and had a late lunch!  Glass of Chateau St. Michelle's Riesling,  Crab Spinach Dip, and Calamari (all 1/2 off) and I was a happy girl!  We then went to the movies and saw The Adjustment Bureau.   We hadn't been to the movies in a very long time, so it was nice!  The movie was great.... and Matt Damon looked identical to Chris in the entire movie!!  We got out around six, and I called my mom, telling her we were on our way to come pick up Hollyn.  She said she was in the bath right then, and already had her pack n play out for her to stay the night!  (I think she was just trying to get us to spend some time alone, so she can have another grandbaby!!)  

So, we had an entire plan-free night!  We had no idea what to do!!  We went & got ice cream at Coldstone..... and then went to Neighborhood Market for some groceries! : )   We then were able to watch "Life as We Know It" that we had downloaded on iTunes when we were in St. Lucia.  Man, am I so glad that my computer broke while we were there and I was unable to watch it then!  I bawled my eyes out over this entire movie!  This is the one where the little girl has her first birthday, then a few weeks later, her parents are killed in a car accident, and Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl get custody.   My biggest fear.  And it made me sad that Sophie looked a lot like Hollyn and she that had all the toys that Hollyn has!  Pottery Barn chair, turtle, same bowls, etc!  Really freaked me out!   Then when she is a little bigger, she starts calling Holly (K. Heigl) Mommy, and she says no I'm Holly... and she repeats "Mommy".... that got me too! : (  

That night was daylight savings, so we lost an hour. 
Sunday, We hung out in bed (because we could) and watched the end of Four Christmases,  then went to Brunch at Copeland's.... then rushed went to my parents' house to see Hollyn!   We hung out there all day,  went to Oops, and played on the tire swing!  Hollyn LOVES to swing!

It was a great weekend! I can't thank my parents enough for being around when we need them!  I don't know what we would do without them!  Hollyn loves her Granny and is getting pretty attached!

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