Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raising a DIVA

It's official.  We are raising a DIVA.  

This is Thursday.  She loved prancing around all day in her pretty shirt and skirt (we found on sale at 3 monkeys!) and her pretty red shoes.  

Sitting in Chris's chair at work!

Attitude while we were at Beauty World!

She fell asleep in the car, on our way home.  See her leg hanging over the side?
When I went to lay her down to finish her nap, I took off her shoes.  (Thinking that would be more comfortable for her.)  She immediately woke up and followed me around the house, carrying her red shoes and wouldn't leave me alone until I put them back on her!!! 

That night, we went to Target, and she got tired of sitting in the cart, got tired of us carrying her, so she decided to walk!  She walked all over the store and charmed everyone she saw!  We were at the checkouts and she was trying to make cute faces at our cashier!

Wednesday -  I signed her back up at the The Little Gym!  We took sometime off after she graduated from the Bugs.  We knew we were getting ready to go to St. Lucia, bad winter weather, EXPENSIVE, etc.  

Here's her outfit before we left!  Shirt from Children's place, skinny jeans from GAP, Baby Bloch shoes from 3 Monkeys, headband from - I'll post when I remember.  It's part of a Mommy/daughter headwrap set though! : )

Picture after gym!

Wednesday afternoon, she decided she wanted to try on her new skirt (from Gymboree) and Sandals (from Children's Place)!  You could tell she was feeling fancy.  She carried around her purse with the pony in it that her daddy got her from Louisville!  AND pushed her baby around in her stroller!

Here she is hiding from me, behind the side of the chair!

Here she is!!

Got my pony purse!!

Ohhh... pretty shoes!

She's so pretty!!

These are kind of blurry, but cute!

She's got some serious attitude, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  

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