Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since Hollyn got so many toys for Christmas & her birthday, we had to turn our extra bedroom downstairs into Hollyn's playroom!  We had originally planned to make it baby #2's nursery, but since he or she is not coming anytime soon, a playroom it is!   (Hopefully we can be in our new house before one is needed!)   We never imagined our child having so many toys!   It is pretty ridiculous!   Chris & I rearranged it earlier this week and finally hung up her magnetic/chalkboard tree that we bought her before she was born for her nursery!  It fits a lot better in here than in her now, very pink room!  Here are a few pictures!

I just bought the hopscotch rug on Monday at Sam's Club.  Ball pit was from Aunt Tresa, Uncle Jon, Hayley & Hunter for Christmas.  Bookshelf from Uncle Jon & Meghan for her birthday.  PBK Table and Chairs from Baba, Papa, Great Grandma Shirley and Great Grandpa T.  Mat from Aunt Leanne & Uncle Bill for Christmas.  PBK Kitchen and Dyson Vacuum from Santa.  The Chinese lanterns and bows are from her birthday party.

New growth chart from Great Granny Lynn!

Hollyn loves running in there and diving into her ball pit!  She then often pulls every book off the lower shelves of her bookshelf.  Then, climbs on top of her table, or sits in her chair and plays with a toy!  

We need to invite friends over soon, so H has someone to play with (other than us) in her playroom!

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