Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loving this design...

There is a certain pattern/fabric that has been catching my eye lately that I just love!   I have been googling random things until I finally found it!!   I've seen many names: Riad, Trellis Fretwork and Bocce.... I'm not really sure which is correct; I just know I like it!

This is a designer pillow from Nena Von's Etsy Shop!

I wish I had somewhere in my house to put these pillows!  I think they are great!!!

*Kravet Fabrics has a Windsor Smith Collection, which "is made up of simple iconic prints from around the world" and they call their fabric that is similar, Riad.

It is also like my mirror in my formal dining room!  (...eeek!  I really need to make a trip to IO Metro and finish decorating my cabinet in there!)

UPDATE  3/30/11 8:21PM  We went to IO Metro tonight and picked up a few things for this room! I think I'm happy with it!! : )   (I'm glad I posted ^ last night, gave me some motivation to get it decorated!)

And I like this smaller mirror that I want from IO Metro!  Just don't know where I'd put it!
Anyways.... I want this {riad} pattern for the background for my blog, but don't know where to get it.  Any suggestions? 

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