Monday, March 21, 2011

Hollyn's 1st Zoo Experience!

Today,  I took Hollyn to the Gentry Zoo for the 1st time! 

We went with our neighbors - Marcye, Kim, Karen, Jodee & Jessica and all their kids (13 in all)!  We met at Karen's house around 10, then all drove out to Gentry!  H & I got in the front seat with Karen as we did the driving part of the safari!  Here is an Emu that we saw first!

He was looking in our window at Hollyn!

Hollyn checking out the beautiful Zebras!

Animals everywhere!  Kim is about to hit a camel!!

Camel trying to eat Karen's mirror!

Mommy & H with a camel! Hollyn was afraid when I put her right up to the window when one was looking in!   She turned around, dug her head into my shoulder and hugged me tight!

Someone needs their bangs trimmed!!

Tiger - they had SO many tigers!



Then, we parked and went over to the petting zoo! Hollyn was getting tired, so I put her in her stroller and let her drink her milk as I wheeled her around, looking at the animals!

Hollyn with a goat!

Kim riding a pig!!!

Hello Mr. Goat

Mr. Pig!

And then...... Hollyn started her NAP!

The kids that were with us (minus Paige and Tyler)!  Hollyn was asleep in her stroller!

 I continued to take pictures of H with the animals!  Here she is with an Iguana!

Awwwwww  Baby goats!  Granny & Pawpaw, Hollyn wants one of these!!!

Hollyn with the Ring-Tailed Lemurs!

Yay!! Mommy & H had such a good time at the Gentry Zoo!  I wheeled her all over that place, it was super bumpy, with screaming kids everywhere, and she never woke up!

Then we had lunch at McDonald's in Gentry!  Mmm.... I hadn't had McD's in a while!

And Hollyn slept all the way through lunch too!

We then had to go pick up H's Great Granny from XNA.  It was perfect timing to pick her up on our way home!  She just got back from Wisconsin for Aunt Maryellen's wedding!  After the 45 minute drive taking her home, Hollyn finally woke up from her OVER 3 HOUR NAP!!!

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