Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hollyn is 1!

Today is Hollyn's 1st Birthday!!!

  • She is 18 lbs. 4 oz.  
  • 30 inches.
  • Has two teeth on the bottom, but is working on getting her vampire teeth in (before the middle top ones!)
  • Sleeps 7pm-7:15am in her own crib
  • Takes one 2 hour nap, usually 12-2
  • Walking/Running everywhere!  
  • She can stand up in the middle of the floor on her own now - doesn't have to get to a wall to pull up!
  • Starting to say SO many words!  Mom,  Dad,  and variations, Ball, Baby, Bath, Duck, Oh Yeah, Nana, Dat (and points) and mimics everything that we say!
  • Has the funniest smile!  
  • Loves to wave, give high fives, kiss! 
  • Loves playing in Mommy's kitchen cabinets!
  • The doctor said Mommy & Daddy should wait at least a year before making a little brother or sister, so that is now a possibility!  BUT we think we want to spend a little more time with just Hollyn! 


Daddy woke up early and went to work and was home by 6:30.  He put Hollyn in bed with Mommy and we cuddled until 9:00!

We opened presents after we got Hollyn dressed up in her pretty pink dress!  

We adopted Hollyn a cabbage patch doll named Bella Sylvia.  She has champagne hair and brown eyes, just like Hollyn!  I brought out two wrapped presents and Bella, and laid Bella down on the chair to give her her other presents first and she went around me to get to Bella in the chair!

She LOVED Bella when we gave her to her!

She kept giving Bella kisses!

Then she pushed Bella around in her stroller!

Pawpaw came over to visit after his doctor's appointment!

Then we went to the DMV, while Hollyn stayed in the car with Baba and took a nap!

Then we took Hollyn to lunch at Chickfila!  She usually loves chicken nuggets, but only ate cheerios!

Then we saw the Kinnards and Itens at the neighborhood park, so we stopped to play!

Cohen & Hudson love Hollyn!

She went down the slide and she swung with Mommy!

Then, we had to stop at the pediatrician's office to pick up some samples they had for some different antibiotics, since the amoxicillin she was on was giving her very bad diapers and a seriously raw booty!  (We had also get her some probiotics and some prescription diaper rash cream!)  

THEN, we took Hollyn to Chuck E. Cheese!!! 

Hollyn LOVED the rides!  She stood up and drove all the cars!

 Granny & Pawpaw came over tonight to see H on her birthday!
I made lasagna for dinner (Hollyn had TWO tubs of Strawberry Applesauce and cheese)!   We cut Hollyn a huge piece of cake and sang to Happy Birthday to her again, then let her destroy the cake, as we finished eating dinner!

Then we washed the birthday girl up!

We LOVE you so much Hollyn! 

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