Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bakin' a Cake!

Chris & Hollyn baked a Funfetti cake tonight, while I tried out a new recipe for chicken enchiladas! (I wouldn't recommend them!!!)  {Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my double ovens?} Lately, H has insisted on helping us do everything!  If not, she will pull on our legs and cry until we pick her up and let her get involved!

Here she is sitting on the kitchen counter supervising her Daddy!

She got to help stir the batter!

Aren't they precious? 

She got to try some cake right before her bath & bedtime!!  We sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor.  She would open her mouth as big as it would open and lean her head back, until I shoved a piece in there!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders!

Pulling Daddy's hair!


Watching TV!

Thanks for checking in with us!  Hope you are having a good night! 

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