Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 year checkup!

Hollyn had her one year checkup yesterday, March 7th.  We made it a week late, because Chris left on the 2nd to go to Louisville for a trade show.  And we didn't want to make the princess get shots on her actual birthday!

She was:
 18 pounds, 5 ounces (10th percentile for weight)
30 inches (77th percentile for height)
17.5 inch head (31st percentile)

As we waited for Dr. A to come in, we took some pictures!

Hollyn & Daddy playing Peek-A-Boo!

Hollyn was such a good girl and sat on Mommy's lap while Dr. A examined her!  She said her ear infections were all better!  She passed all the normal questions...

Is she still drinking out of a bottle?  No, after I stopped breastfeeding, she went straight to a sippy cup!
Is she saying Mommy/Daddy?  Yes, and other words... baby, bath, duck, ball, etc.
Is she walking?  Obviously, as she is running around in circles and climbing up on the chairs and on top of the table!
How many teeth does she have?  The two on the bottom, but her 2nd top right tooth has broke through, and we can see the middle two and 2nd one on the left.
Does she clap? Constantly (and she clapped for Dr. A)  
Wave?  Yes... constantly, and often with both hands!
Point?  Yes! 
Pick up small objects?  Yes! 
Any concerns with her development?  Absolutely Not! 

She isn't 20 pounds yet, so we legally can't face her carseat forward yet!  

She said to wait a couple weeks to start her on whole milk - (until we get her diarrhea/diaper rash all better)

Hollyn then got 3 shots in her legs.  She cried like she was hurt, then Mommy gave her milk to her and she was all better!  

She fell asleep in the car on the way home, and took over a 2 hour nap!

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