Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry, it's taken me so long to post!  Chris & I took a vacation last week to celebrate our 5 year anniversary early - just in case I was pregnant by the time it got here in June  - and because my mom was able to take a week's vacation then to watch Hollyn for us!   We went to St. Lucia and stayed at Jade Mountain!

So, while everyone in NWA was experiencing -20 degree weather

We were 100 degrees warmer in St. Lucia!! ...100 degrees!!  Not to mention the record amount of snowfall in NWA that week!  22 inches? 

Hollyn got snowed in at Granny & Pawpaw's house with her cousins, Hayley & Hunter for the week!  I think they had a good time! 

Eating snow ice cream with Hayley!

Here are is my Facebook Album if you want to see all of my pictures from our trip.

The resort

View from the top of the resort

Double Rainbow

Our amazing galaxy sanctuary that had only 3 walls! 

from the helicopter:

I'm not even sure Hollyn missed us........ 

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