Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Baby

I took Hollyn to the pediatrician last Thursday because she had a deep cough and had been running a fever earlier in the week.  Dr. Averitt prescribed her a decongestant/cough medicine, and said to watch her to make sure she doesn't get an ear infection in a few days.  Wednesday, she started not eating food at all - only milk, and was feeling very puny that night.   She woke up Thursday morning with a low grade fever and diarrhea.   I called first thing at 8:00 and got her an appointment at 10:00.  Dr. Averitt diagnosed her with a mild ear infection in both ears.   She said we did the right thing by bringing her back in!  So glad we caught it early!  She gave us amoxicillin, so we should be up and going again before her party!

Of course, while waiting for Dr. A to come in, Hollyn was WILD!  Please let me know if you know what she is saying, because we have no idea! : )

She fell asleep sideways on my tummy Wednesday afternoon.  Definitely sick.

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