Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hollyn's 1st Birthday Party

We had Hollyn's 1st birthday party at our house on Saturday, February 26th!  I spent WEEKS researching and planning to make this party perfect for my baby girl!  The theme was all things sweet (mostly cupcakes) and Pink, Green & Purple!  I got a lot of my inspiration from The TomKat Studio, but I designed and printed all my paper products myself!  

Here is my amazing 3 tiered stand that I ordered from Holland Boone, but then also found at Signed, Sealed & Delivered in Rogers.   We ordered Hollyn's cupcakes & cake from Rick's Bakery.  I used a 2" EK Success paper punch to make my scallops! 

The cake was white, with strawberry filing on all three layers.  

Happy Birthday glasses that we found at Party City.  We let Hollyn try them on in the store, and she cried when we tried to take them off her, so we just bought them for her!  We figured she can wear them every year on her birthday!  This is her hat that I made.  She gets the cutest smile on her face when I put it on her! 

Candy Shop!

Another pewter stand from Holland Boone.

Here is Hollyn's Happy Birthday Banner that I ordered from Etsy!  I had her make 'Happy,' 'Birthday,' and 'Hollyn' separately, so we could use it again.  The 1st can also slide off! 

These chinese lanterns aren't usually in my um... Triple Bentley Bookcase, but I thought they looked nice there!  I made a timeline of Hollyn, one picture every month!  I cut out those flowers each by hand!

Candy! I'm pretty sure I bought each of those glass containers at different places and looked everywhere for candy!  I ended up buying most of it at Cracker Barrel!

It IS all about Hollyn!

I had this on the sideboard in the entryway!  

Water bottles.  I ordered printable, waterproof water bottle labels, but ended up just making them out of paper myself! 

Strawberry Lemonade!

The edge of Hollyn's high chair with Tutu. 

Balloons. We got a few balloons at Rick's Bakery, the rest we blew up ourself with a helium tank that we got at Party City!

Amazing Daddy getting Hollyn dressed for her party!  He's the BEST.  He was so much help, and even got me a Mommy's gift! : )

Hollyn got so excited when her best friend Emerie showed up!  She kept hugging and kissing her!

Her cake was as big as her : )

Enjoying her cake!

I gave her a purple cupcake, and that's when it got messy!

She needed milk to help wash it down!

We took her straight for the tub when she started rubbing her eye!  She looks like one of those puppy dogs with the black eyes!

I love this picture I got of her her & her daddy!

Cousin Hunter helping her open her gifts.

The front of her invitation:

Back of the invitation, that I framed and had on the sofa table.

Favors:  I made party pretzels for the adults - inspiration from my friend Michelle's blog.

And favor bags for the kids - with a book, maraca, sunglasses & bubbles in them!

I made a few bows like this and had them around the house.  This is the front door!

Here's the dress that I ordered for Hollyn to wear for her party from Etsy....... that DIDN'T get here in time, after the lady said she would make sure to send it in time. : (  It would have been cute - but she looked PRECIOUS anyways! 

THANK YOU to everyone that has helped celebrate Hollyn's big day! 

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Brooke A. said...

Morgan, you did such a great job with Hollyn's party. All the decorations were so neat and creative! You are a great mom and have a precious family!!
<3 Brooke Alder