Thursday, February 3, 2011

11 Month Photoshoot

We had a photoshoot at home on Saturday (Jan. 29th), hoping to get a good picture to put on Hollyn's birthday party invitation that I'm designing.  These are cute, but I wasn't able to get the ONE that I had in mind!  We tried again on Sunday, and I got a couple shots that were perfect.  Sorry, you're going to have to wait and see it when you get it in the mail  - or after I post it!  I laid out some white paper as our backdrop and to cover the hardwood floors, so icing didn't get everywhere!  She kept smiling & looking at her Daddy, but not at Mommy -the one with the camera!!  
Check out all this cuteness.....

Mmm... First taste of frosting! 

Changed into some clothes that we could get messy!

Okay, Here we go!

Crossing her legs, like a lady!

I'm almost ONE!

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Leigh said...

How fun!! She is so cute! I remember trying forever to get Aiden to put his finger up like that! We had one of me and of Matt when we were 1 and Emma did it (after lots of practice)! But he finally did! ;) I can't believe she is almost 1!!