Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yes... I know

Yes, I know that I haven't kept up with Hollyn's blog very well.   The first few months with Hollyn were wayyy too precious to be spending even more time on my computer,  but now that she's 2 months way from turning one, I fear that I'm going to forget all of her milestones and everything we have done with her! SO, I am going to try my very best to keep her blog updated as often as possible!  And please let me know if I fall behind on this!  I keep my Facebook loaded with new pictures all the time that I take with my iPhone- but I realize not everyone gets on Facebook, so just for you, I'll do the blog thing too.  If you want to see all my Facebook pictures, you can click on my page  Watch Hollyn Grow - and you can see all my pictures without logging in.

Have you seen all the cool new things that I've added to the blog?  A cute font for my blog dates and titles - pages -  a signature -  a new background - a new header (that I'm still working on) - a live traffic feed!  I'm finally starting to find out how to use this thing!!!  I am so excited that I found out that I can send videos to my blog from my phone!  Lots more videos to post now!!

I am also trying to go back and fill you in on all the months that I didn't write any blogs.  Tonight,  I wrote blogs for March, April, May & June - so you'll have to go back and read them.  (I cheated and changed the dates on them to when they should have been posted!)  I think that's all for tonight though because it's 11:47PM and my sweet sleeping princess and prince charming have been sleeping beside me for a couple hours already, and I really need to join them!!!

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