Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleeping in Her Crib

Hollyn slept all night in her crib last night for the very first time!! 
...Only 10 months, 11 days later

Weeks 0-9: Slept in our bed in sleep positioner -with night time feedings
Weeks 9-25: Started swaddling her, and she started sleeping through the night - no night time feedings AND she slept in her pack & play in our room!  (16 amazing weeks!!)
Week 25: She started rolling over onto her tummy while swaddled, in her sleep positioner, so we had to stop using both = Hollyn not sleeping through the night - our only other choice at the time was to put her in our bed, where she'd sleep through the night...
Weeks 26-45 (now): In our bed...


Good for baby, bad for Mommy & Daddy

We have tried on two other occasions to put her in her crib to sleep, but she woke up and cried, and cried and cried.   We aren't big fans of 'crying-it-out', and felt she wasn't ready yet, so back to the middle of the King bed it was.   As much as we didn't like her in our bed, we loved it just as much.  Going to sleep all at the same time after playing around in the bed or waking up to her patting Chris on the face, whispering "Dada" were priceless moments!  Or her sticking her finger in my ear and pulling my hair the other morning.... LOL.

How we did this last night
6:45 (later than usual): Fed her dinner
7:00-7:45: Bath with Aveeno calming bath, then night time lotion, pj's, started reading books in the chair while rocking - and drinking milk (only drank 1 oz), then we started taking turns rocking and reading,   Chris got her asleep (while I read Green Eggs & Ham)!
7:45-8:12: She slept in her crib (as we watched her on the monitor from our room, and held our breath)!
8:12:  I went in there and tried to just put her passy in her mouth = didn't work, she continued to scream, so I picked her up and she held me tight. I rocked her for a while then tried to lay her down, but she clung to me and cried as i was trying to put her down.  So, I held her for a little while longer, then just put her down to cry.  
8:30-9ish:  She cried on and off, as soon as she would stop crying for like 5 minutes, I would tell Chris to go check on her - then she would start again.  He went in there once and rocked her for a little while at some point.
9:30 - She was really asleep.

She cried a few times throughout the night, but we never went in there - and she put herself back to sleep! (I love our Video Monitor!)

I went in there around 6:45am to check on her.  This is how she was sleeping: on her tummy, on top of her blanket!!! 


 She's still sleeping (as of 7:30 am)!  I wonder if I should go wake her up??

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