Monday, January 3, 2011

Hollyn - 10 months

Hollyn turned 10 months on January 1, 2011!

She is 
17 lbs, 12 oz. (19th percentile)
28 inches  (47th %)

Milestones in January:
Jan 11: Sleeping in Own Crib
Jan 14: Mother's Day Out
Jan 21: Clapping - and REALLY WALKING!

1st:  We went to the Palmers to hang out with the neighbors, watch football and eat yummy gumbo! Watched "The Town" that night.
2nd: Put away Christmas decorations, then went to Granny & PawPaw's (played with a bunny), ate deer jerky for the 1st time, went to bed at 7:00 - slept until 8:30am! 
3rd: Daddy had to go back to work, Mom & I hung out at home and played.. napped very well and went to bed at 7 again (so Mommy could watch The Bachelor!)
4th: Aunt Katie came to visit!
5th: Mommy gave me a pedicure, then made me wear my sock monkey hat, and shirt,  and made me do a photoshoot with my sock monkey!  Then my favorite - The Little Gym... went to IO Metro that night to order new furniture.
6th: Went to IO Metro again to pick up our furniture
7th: Daddy took off work - the 3 of us went to lunch at Shogun (while H napped), Mommy had a spa day (Haircut & Dermasound Facial from Bella Derm!) and H stayed at home with Daddy.... then went to Louis & Clark and Coldstone that night -and Mommy shared her ice cream!
8th: Granny & Pawpaw came over to see me, we took them to see where we want to build my next house, playdate with Emerie, Dinner at Copeland's with Aunt Courtney, Justin, Lisa & Jeff for Justin's birthday, shopping at the Promenade!
9th: Sunday - went shopping at Pack Rat to get snow clothes for the snow that was suppose to come over night - went to Granny & Pawpaws
10th: Took pictures outside in the little snow that we got.
11th: First night to sleep in her crib! 
12th Little Gym, went to Target that night!
13th: Went shopping at Target & Sams!
14th: First Day of MDO - We went to the bank, lawyer's office, lunch at the Blessing- Went to dinner at Marketplace with Granny & Pawpaw, Tresa & Jon moved into their new house!
15th: Granny & Pawpaw came over, we went to the JQ Hammons for the Women's living expo - Hung out at Tresa & Jon's new house
16th: Sunday - ate lunch at On the Border, went to Granny & Pawpaws to watch the Patriots play the Jets
17th: Hollyn was kind of sick, had a play day at home
18th: Hung out upstairs - Hollyn took over a two hour nap! 
19th: Last day of Bugs class at Little Gym - daddy came, lunch at Chickfila, went to Louis & Clark and Pack Rat - went to IO Metro to hang out with Vern Yip again! 
20th: It snowed like 4 inches! H went sledding for the 1st time!
21th: MDO was canceled, LJ came over to visit, had my family over for Lasagna
22nd: Got our embroidery machine, Daddy went to Brad's for poker night!
23rd: We woke up really early!  Went to Granny & Pawpaws for our usual Sunday! Aunt Courtney's 21st Birthday!
24th: I had orthodontist appt, so H went to work with Daddy, then we went to lunch at Far East!
25th: We went to Target & Hobby Lobby to get crafts for H's 1st birthday (we have been doing some major planning already!
26th:  We closed on the lot in Pinnacle, that we will build our new house on!  Went to Bella's!
27th: Went to Signed, Sealed & Delivered, 3 Monkeys & IO Metro!
28th: Went to MDO for the 2nd time.  No naps, so H went to bed at 6:00.
29th: Woke up at 4:00, Stayed with Marguerite & Travis, while we went to Crabby's for Kim's birthday
30th: Granny & Pawpaw's 
31st: Prepared for the blizzard coming, went to Walmart to get groceries

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