Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 month old/April

Hollyn turned 1 month old on April 1, 2010
9 lbs. 4 oz (52nd percentile)
22 inches (76th %)

Rolled over - from Tummy to Back on April 9th (5 weeks!)

Meeting Great Grandma Chandler for the 1st time...

April 7th  -Starting to get out of the house with Mom during the day!

April 8th - Napping with Daddy

"I found my tongue!"

April 9th - Daddy's 28th birthday!

Angel sleeping in her swing

Loved to hang out on Mommy's chest!

April 16th  - 

April 18th - First time to Skype with Baba, Papa & Aunt Megs

April 16th - First Pedicure!

April 19th - and Manicure!!

The start of her sticking out her tongue...

Such a Daddy's girl

April 21 - Pawpaw & Grandbabies 

April 21st - Hollyn reached 10 pounds!

April 23rd

At Hunter's 6th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese

April 24th - First Razorback football game - Red and White game

April 27th - Play date with Chanlyr and Addy

Loves sleeping on her side

I think she looks like me as a baby...

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