Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Into Everything...

When I said Hollyn was getting into everything a couple months ago, I had no idea what I was talking about... Here she is lately!

In the vegetable sink in the kitchen island, playing with the faucet.  (with supervision!)

I started taking apart her excesaucer, so I could turn it into an activity table a couple days ago, but never got that far (hint, hint Chris). Hollyn has been playing with it on the floor.  I was just on the phone with Chris and told him that I have no idea how she gets in the middle of it!!  Nevermind, I just caught her walking over it!!  And sometimes she gets stuck trying to get out!

Using the toilet as drum!!

Why yes, Hollyn, that IS exactly why I put my computer on my bed table and put it by the chair... for you to use as a step ladder!! 

  • She climbed to the top of our real step ladder the other day and was holding on to the top dancing!!! 
  • She enjoys diving into our food while we are eating... entire arm into Chris's cereal the other morning!  Too bad I didnt have time to get a picture of that! : )
  • She has learned how to open up drawers & cabinets!
  • She likes getting her diapers out of the trash can... eww!

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