Saturday, January 22, 2011

Daddy Love

Chris was taking Hollyn for her bath tonight, and they held hands as they walked to the bathroom!  I rushed to get my camera to capture their cuteness! 


She loves her Daddy SO much!

Walking towards Mommy & the camera! 

 LOVE this one!!  Chris acting like Hollyn! 

Okay.... off to her bath & sleeping in her crib!

It's going GREAT, btw!  We give her a bath every night, lotion & pj her up, put vick's on her feet with socks, milk, some rocking, some reading, and she's out!  UNTIL we walk over to the crib to put her in it!  She knows every time, and clings to you and starts crying. : (  We lay her down, go to our room and turn on the monitor and she's usually done crying within 5 minutes!   We have really enjoyed the few hours of free time before bedtime lately!  She did wake up a few times crying during the first week, but was able to put herself back to sleep.  (.... and we are guilty of just going and getting her out of her crib and putting her in bed with us a couple times!)   The last two nights have been awesome though!  Sleeping 7:00-6:00= Awesome! 

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