Saturday, January 22, 2011


We have been trying to teach Hollyn how to clap her hands since October.  At first, she would get excited and just wave both of her arms up and down.  Then, she started waving (hi & bye) in December, so she would get confused which was which!!   Wave when we asked her to clap, or try to clap when we asked her to wave!! : )  I started taking her hands and showing her how to clap, so she thought that clapping was taking someone else's hands and beating them together!  I would ask her to clap and she grabs my hands!!  I wish we were able to get a video of this! It was always so funny, and now we are too late because she finally learned how yesterday! 

Here is a video from earlier this week... almost getting it down!  At least going horizontal with her hands! 

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